• "Disturbed, depraved, and outrageous musical experiments of the most uncouth kind."

    Maximum Ink Madison, WI
  • "Gloriously weird...totally unique"

    City Pages Atlanta, GA
  • "Madison's maddest musical mad scientists"

    Cap Times Madison, WI
  • "Take the snark of Frank Zappa, add a splash of Residents chaos, stir with amazing chops and top with disturbing visuals and a philosophy that could save us all...BEEFUS!"

    Musicianist Blog
  • "BEEFUS are totally nuts. Get yourself to a BEEFUS show, and save the human race!"

    Jessica Parmenter University of Iowa "Gobbler"

What Am Beefus?

Veteran musicians, tired of having their Meat Forks wiggled

They've been in bands you may have heard of. But they're done with love songs. They will never be the hummable din behind an insurance commercial, so they said screw it.

Post-human cultists shoveling cat-food in a glandular world

These life-forms have seen beyond the pleasure pad. They sup the same food-slurry as you, but they digest it more efficiently.

Performative satirists mocking the jaw-movements of mass-bovine "poot" culture

It's not enough that the global machine churns out the corn-based cattle-feed. They have to breed a cow that can digest it. That's you! Quit chewing the same old cud. Start digesting with your Fourth Stomach.