• This is the album that won "Rock Album of the Year" at the 2017 Madison Area Music Awards.

  • It's a feverish, satirical, bonkers meditation on Fake News, pseudohistory, bunkum, woo-woo, Hitler, aliens, conspiracy theories, and more

    Hardly the kind of thing that usually wins a MAMA, especially given the increasingly "strictly commercial" aspect of the whole bizniss.

  • BEEFUS almost didn't go. Then the MAMAs people seemed curiously insistent that at least one of us should attend.

  • Most of us were busy, but Beefy dutifully got dressed up for the occasion.

  • At the posh Overture Center, the Red Carpet interviewer was quite nervous around Beefus.

  • Among the presenters were hair metal legend Kip Winger, and various persons.

  • Four ablrums were spaminated for this major distinktion. Only one would WIN!! Would it be those octogenarian polka-poopers DISTANT CRAISINS? Would it be the all-midget Ramones cover band THE FUTONS? Would it be the obese zither-panpipes duo THREE GERBILS DEEP? Or would it be Your Heroes BEEFUS???? The SUSPENCE WAS PALPITABLE!!!!.

  • "And the winner is...holy fuckraisins, Jennifer, this cannot be right! The winner appears to be BEEFUS!!!!!!"

  • He Ascends The Stage! They Move Out Of His Way! For His Robe Hath Not Been Laundered!

  • The speech of BEEFUS at the MAMAs. Giraffes are mentioned, as are: gravel, the Endocrine system, whipped potatoes, Charles the Bald of Moravia, quantum metaphysics, quantum Larry Fine, and The Dreaded Pacific Face-Ferking Squid!

  • "Beefus salutes you!"

  • He is led away. The nite is over for BEEFUS. Lesser life-forms will also win rewarbs, but it is all a blur for Your Hero. Thank you Madison! Thank you Automatic Transmission! Thank you Charts That Show Where Differently Named Kinds of Meat are on Living Animals! Good night, BEEFUS loves you all!

  • The 2017 MAMA Award for Rock Album of the Year. We keep it at home in the dark. Sometimes we take turns sniffing it.

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