BEEFUS is outside the box. BEEFUS never does what you expect. BEEFUS takes risks, goes where no musicians will go, and creates something weird and glorious and unique. An eight-piece ensemble of experienced Madison musicians, BEEFUS can slither into any genre -- hard rock, funk, reggae, jazz -- and take it over like an alien parasite. Musically deft, insanely compelling, and working in a dazzling self-created conceptual universe, BEEFUS is what rock n' roll was meant to be -- continuously creative, hilariously subversive, and just a bit dangerous.
Formed in 2007 by local banjoist Kenneth "Beefus" Guffnagle, BEEFUS quickly got themselves a reputation for witty subversive lyrics, and a live show that might be danceable one minute, and outrageously strange the next. Since then, BEEFUS has played to enthusiastic audiences across the USA, and established themselves as one of the most original and visionary ensembles ever to push the boundaries of rock n' roll.

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